Holiday Monday – 9 am and Noon. 11 am OPEN GYM
We have been using these to record our benchmarks for almost 11 years.  I look at them fondly, but it might be time to move on… I still use mine but I’m not an App person.
We have found that not everyone is using the Whiteboards to record their benchmarks.
If you are one of the many people using our SUGARWOD APP and do not use the boards at all, please erase your name and we will consolidate the boards.
Once of my favourites and so fun to do with a partner. Best way is to pick a partner who lifts the same weight as you and who is the same height so that you can share everything.  One person working at one time
WOD: “Barbaric”
Partner WOD
In teams of 2
5 rounds with 3 minutes rest
20 back squats @ 95/135
30 push press @ 65/95
40 deadlifts @ 95/135
50 calorie row

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