Take this article with a grain of salt.  Having said that, we see many of you foam rolling too much and poorly.  Did you know that the foam roller is actually a Pilates tool and has nothing to do with rolling on it?

Couple of thing to remember:

Never roll away from your heart – super dangerous.  For example legs – you should always lightly roll towards your buttocks, not away from them.  If you push it down towards your feet, you are pushing on veins towards your feet.  Not a good idea

Use Light pressure

Do not foam roll your lower back. Every time I see that, it makes me cringe.

Stretch, mobilize and  activate opposite muscles of the ones you find tight!

Drink lots of water and take magnesium to help with muscle tension.

Here it is

front squat

4 x 8 work at 75% of 1 RM

4 Rounds for time of:
16 Burpee box jump-overs
16 thrusters 95/65

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