Vimla said something to me on friday which really struck a cord.  I just went to see my Naturopath and he’s put me on a strict Auto Immune Protocol for 8 weeks.  I eat lots of vegetables, some protein, cheese, a few fruits, very little grains and pretty much no sugar.  This does not seem to matter, I can’t lose any fat and I’m tired a lot. My body is quite burnt out ( thyroid, Adrenals, Inflammation etc…) thus the AIP way of eating.  I was complaining to Vimla that I can’t have butter for 8 weeks. I love cheese and I love butter.  I have cheese in my salad every day and I will often fry up mushrooms and cook with butter.

I said: No butter. aaaaahhhh!

Vimla replied:  It will be hard, until it’s easy.


She’s so right!  When you think of the changes you make in your life, for example, like coming to Crossfit Pickering.  I bet it was hard at first. Now it’s easy and you can’t imagine not coming. It has become part of your life and part of who you are.

I think food is the same. When I quit sugar and grains, it wasn’t super tough, but definitely got easier and easier.  There was a point where I actually could not picture having sugar. It had become easy.

Keep that in mind when you tackle something new. Whether it’s cutting out sugar, coffee, grains, fast food, booze, smoking, nail biting or any thing else that requires a commitment.

Remember trying to learn Double Unders. It was really really hard. Then it became easy. Now you probably can’t picture not being able to do them… Think of any movements you’re learning or struggling with and know that it will becoming easy.

Maybe you’re trying to add something positive in your life; like more salads, more books, more walking, more mobility, more exercise.

Whatever change you’re trying to make, whatever habit you are trying to break…

It will be hard, until it’s easy.


Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Jerk
Power Snatch

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