Pause Back  Squat
7 Sets:
1 Pausing Repetition (3s in bottom)

Sets #1+2 – 65%
Sets #3+4 – 70%
Sets #5+6+7 – 75%

( From Comptrain)
The intention here is to control our intensity and volume, while bringing about a strong active recovery feel. The aim is to refine our engine and movements patterns.

“On The 2:00” x 3 Rounds (18:00):
A) 15/12 Calorie Row, 7 Power Snatches, 7 Overhead Squats
B) 15/12 Calorie Row, 15 GHD Sit-Ups
C) 15/12 Calorie Row, 7 Thrusters, 7 CTB Pull-Ups
Barbell – 95/65

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