things to do today:

get 19.5 done and done

Register score

Fill our your team sheets – every check mark counts!

I will tally the scores this week.  Bragging rights for the winners!  Get we get another cheer for our awesome captains!

We are going to try to find your 20 rep max over the next 2 weeks.  Why?

Often workouts will have 15, 20 or 30 reps in them. would it not be nice to know what weight you should use to get the right stimulus?

Similarly to our 30 30 20 20 – it not only builds strength, but stamina and endurance as well.  Thank you Jay for suggesting it!

I was itching to get back to our 30 30 20 20, but I love this as well.


3 x 20 – increase weight each time.  the 20 reps are to be done without rest.  I would start at about 25% of your 1 RM and go up from there

Row and Throw
750m Row
50 Wallball (20/14)
25 OHS (95/65)
50 Wall Balls
750m Row


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