At the end of the OPEN everyone always has lots of emotions.

Some of you will feel like you have renewed passion and purpose.

maybe you will find that you’ve discovered a competitive side to yourself.

Some may feel that the OPEN is just not for them.

Some will want to master some new skills, whether it’s gymnastics or strength.

Some will rethink their training. Are you overtraining ( working out more than 5 days per week), or you want to train more…

This is why events like the OPEN are great. They really get you in the spirit of the community. I have seen people push themselves more than they ever have ( hint: the OPEN is the time to do that), some got their first muscle up, or their first chest to bar. Some surprised themselves by doing 65 pound thrusters or RX weight Wall balls. You were all amazing and should be proud of your efforts. Now back to the drawing board. Let’s have some fun this week!

Put April 13th in your calendars: We will be doing a friendly and fun competition for our 11 year anniversary!  9 to noon followed by a potluck!

Back squat

3X 20

12 Minute Amrap

20 Box Jumps

20 Hollow rocks

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