I know that I have posted articles about this before.  We’ve been finding our athletes always chasing RX wods.  I know that in my classes I will make people go lighter or heavier if needed.  Remember what the stimulus of the workout is – is it meant to be heavy and slow?  Is it meant to fast?  Are you getting enough high intensity?  Will you get injured if you go heavy.  This is about Fitness, Longevity and Health – not about doing it RX, every time.

Let’s take something like Fran ; 21 – 15 – 9 Thrusters and Pull ups – RX is 95/65

What should your weight be?

Ideally you should be able to do the 21 reps in 2 or 3 sets max.  So if you’re adamant about doing it RX and you’re doing 3 Thrusters at a time, you missed the point.

this workout is meant to take less than 10 minutes.  Elite athletes do it under 4 minutes.

Let’s take Adam Brown – did you complete it under the 40 minute Time Cap? no? then your weights were too heavy or your weights were too heavy and you overtrained that week.

This week I have eliminated all weights from the equation.   Which means you need to talk to your coach about what makes sense.

Here is an honest discussion geared at Coaches ( but I think beneficial to all our athletes) regarding always chasing RX wods


I want some feedback. We’re going to try some different movements.  Different tempos for lifts, wods that are not in Sugarwod.

It’s going to be a strange week, but I think you will love it.

What am I trying to achieve this week?  I’m trying to make you aware on how well you move.  What are the holes in your movements/strengths. Bottom line – I’m trying to make you bullet proof, healthier and in the long run better equipped to handle wods and life.

xo Marta


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