How to Survive ‘Murph’

…In a nod to the workout’s military roots—it’s named for Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL killed in action in 2005—CrossFit boxes around the U.S. host a Murph every Memorial Day.  We are doing it the day after, but still in the same spirit.

But before you go crashing headlong into this buzzsaw of an endurance WOD, know this: Murph demands a smart strategy and a level-headed approach. To get the best mental and physical tactics for this particular WOD, we polled a panel of experts from both in and outside of the CrossFit world” [Read More]


My advice always is this:

Break it up

Do half if you’re new or just not feeling that energetic.

If you are injured – Modify

Can’t run?  Bike ( ideally) or Row

Make sure you are hydrated and well rested

If you don’t feel well – YOU STOP

Most importantly Have Fun!  This is a rite of passage in the Crossfit World but it’s meant to be fun.  Dig deep and Enjoy!


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