I thought it would be fun to share some questions I asked Glen last year about his experience with us.    Glen is an important part of CrossFit Pickering.  He is passionate about mobility, rowing and Pose running.  Did you know that he’s a CHAMPION rower?  Yup, sure is!
 He is someone who truly loves coaching and designing evil ( i mean awesome) Competitive programming.    We love you Glen.  XO Marta
 Coach spotlight – Glen Young
What brought you to CrossFit Pickering?
In 2009, I was training for an offroad motorcycle race called the Baja 500. At the time, I really thought the workouts were too short for what I was looking for given it was a 6-8 hour race but I signed up shortly after getting back. The first warmup was a 1min max effort box jump challenge and I was hooked!
How long have you been a coach? 
I got my Level 1 CF certification in 2013 and have been loving it ever since! In those days, the gym was a lot smaller and I started out with the few hours I could spare outside of my fulltime career in IT. We even had 30 minute “Mobility Mornings” three days per week at 5:30am.
What is your favourite part of being a coach?
Easy! It’s helping people reach their goals. I have so many favourite moments of coaching someone’s first pull-up, toe-to-bar or muscle-up and it’s always amazing! Best job ever!
When were you pushed to perform the most? 
Every year in the Open. I always come in with a plan of what I want to do based on the other guys in my age category. The worst was definitely 15.5…27-21-15-9 rowing and thrusters. Absolutely brutal…Marta coached me on that one! I honked.
What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Pickering
The people are awesome! Such a diverse group covering all ages, backgrounds, life circumstances…there’s so much to learn and be inspired by!
What are your goals for 2018/2019? 
I’m having to revise them. I was happy with my performance in the Open this year so I wanted to push to be top 200 in 2019 and made myself a plan. However, my body hasn’t cooperated so I’m having to adjust my expectations and try to progress in everything I can while allowing my body to heal. Currently, I’m making myself a program to attempt to get to the World Indoor Championships for rowing.
Words of advice/inspiration for newbies/everyone 
Listen to your body! You don’t need to crush yourself to get a good training stimulus. Especially, when you haven’t been doing this consistently for years. What you do need to do is ensure that you can keep coming back. It’s the consistent effort that pays the results and getting hurt trying to be a hero will only set you back from reaching your goal. I can find at least two athletes either going too hard/heavy or using bad form for every athlete I find going too easy. Guess which one is going to be back for more training tomorrow??

How have you changed by doing CrossFit?
I feel that I’ve become better every year! That’s my motto and, with CrossFit, it’s really measurable. I’ve also improved my posture and knowledge about mobility constraints that I had no idea about before doing CrossFit.
How have you changed being a coach?
People have taught me about what they have in common and where they have individual needs. Learning about different ways to motivate people is a great example. When appropriate, I love to initiate friendly competition but I also know most people do better with a cue like “you got this…give us your best!”.
What is your Favourite wod and why?
Anything with running as I’m a big believer that we were “Born to Run” (great book by Christopher McDougall by the way!) and it’s always nice to get outside.
What is something people don’t know about you?
When we got married, my wife and I took a year off and travelled around the world.
What are your top 5 favourite books?
These are mostly from a book club I’ve been in with four guys I played university football with:
Fiction – Money by Martin Amis, Non-Fiction Training – Science of Running by Steve Magness and Scientific Principles of Strength Training by Israetel & others , Non-Fiction General – The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
What is a misconception about you?
For some reason, people often tell me they’re scared when I’m coaching but they should know that I’m not as bad as they think! Once I’ve coached them on a few rowing sprints, they’ll realise that I’m very reasonable.  ( From Marta: HAHAHAHAHAH)


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