The CrossFit Open challenges people to get a little uncomfortable and expose weaknesses. It’s hard sometimes. But doing hard things with your friends is fun. Breakthroughs are a little bit sweeter when you get to share them with the people you train with each day — people who are there with you through the struggle and can’t wait to see you shine. Congrats, Nate!

As we approach #20point1 this week, here are a few memories from Open participants:

“It Was Everything …”—Weighing 315 lb. to First Pull-up

Who Do You Look up To?

“Getting Over my Own Fears in the Workout”

“I Didn’t Have a Strategy Going Into (The Open)”

“It Makes Me Accountable for Me”

My Thoughts & Goals

Do You Remember Your First Workout?

Communities Develop Deeper Bonds in the Open

70-Year-Old Former Ironman Steve Bradley

Is Your Wife Fitter Than You?

A Passion Shared Among Family

The CrossFit Open presents a challenge like no other. Over five consecutive weeks, you’ll compete with athletes around the world, friends from your box, and hashtag groups you’ve joined.

As you approach this test of fitness, athleticism, and pure determination, get ready to set new PRs and share in the joy of watching others achieve their goals. See you on Thursday at 5 p.m.


In Case You Missed It

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2020 Service Open

#BonnieAndClyde – Couples Compete in the Open

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