The answer is complicated.  Yes and No…  Spirulina is technically a micro algae so in fact could be seen a swamp algae.. 😉

I’ve been drinking Spirulina Smoothies probably for a good 17 years.  I stopped for a little bit because my Hormone Dr. didn’t want me having any fruit and I was on Keto.  Well, now they are back!

I attribute 2 great pregnancies to this great sludge drink as Spirulina is high in Iron and has easily digestible protein.  It’s also full of Micronutrients.

I would be cautious on which product you buy as you don’t actually want swamp Algae. You want to make sure it’s grown in clean environments.

I add protein powder from FOUR Sigmatic as I’m not allowed to have dairy based Protein powder ( we have some at the box) .  It’s actually protein and medicinal Mushrooms so double whammy!   You can also put 1/2 TSP of Turmeric powder if you like.

It has been called the most nutrient dense food on the planet.   What does that mean?  If shit hits the fan, you could actually survive by just consuming spirulina and water ( short term).  Sailors have Spirulina tablets in their emergency overboard kits for this reason.  Cool right?

So what’s in my very dark green smoothie?  ( Keep in mind you can use any fruit combinations. I try to stay away from the super sweet tropical fruits though)

1 inch fresh ginger root

A large handful or spinach and arugula

1/2 a banana ( sometimes only – if you need some sweetness this is good)


blueberries or raspberries ( any mix of berries will do!)

1 piece of celery

1 TBS of nut butter – I’ve been using cashew butter recently.

1/2 cup coconut milk

Hot water ( I use frozen fruit)

2 Tsp Spirulina

2 TBS Superfood Protein powder – We have this at the box if you would like to buy some.

Use your Vitamixer to blend on high.  and Ta Da – Green Sludge!  I promise it tastes good!





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