Brock is celebrating 10 years with us!  It was actually on January 16th but we forgot.   Denise came to us first and finally convinced Brock to try us out.    I still remember seeing him doing a workout his first week with us ( i was teaching pilates and peaked my head in to see what he was doing) .  He was sweating, breathing very heavily and I wondered if he was going to make it. I also wondered if he was going to quit.  He didn’t quit. 😉

He became very passionate about his health and lost 70 pounds.  He started eating the Paleo way and has never looked back.   I still remember approaching Brock to ask if he would like to coach.   He wasn’t sure at first.  I knew that it would be scary for him as he is an introvert.  Speaking in public was not something he was super keen on, but I kept asking and he finally got his Level 1.  I can say that knowing  Brock 2010 and knowing Brock 2020, he is quite a different person.  I often laugh when we’re both coaching, because I’m not sure who is louder.  They guy who was unsure about himself and coaching, is very confident, knowledgeable and still passionate about Crossfit and healthy food.

Brock, I am very happy and grateful to have you in our CrossFit Pickering family.  We have gone through  many things together.  I not only see you as a coach but also as a good friend.  XOXO Marta

We will be doing the Brock Anniversary workout on Thursday instead of what is posted in the PDF.


10 rounds
1 Rope Climb
16 DB Thrusters
20 Abmat Sit-ups
10 Back Squat 75%BW


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