I think Crossfit Communities are the best!  I have been moved to tears with the outpouring of support from our own community. Thank you for the all the texts and emails.  They brighten my day.  I don’t think I can put into words what this means to me.   I love our community.  I think the true sign of love is when people rally around when shit hits the fan.  it’s easy to be kind when everything is going well, but it takes special people to do that when others are in need.  You are people like this.  I always feel like you have our back, which lets me sleep at night and not go into panic mode. I do fall asleep and wake up thinking about you all and thinking of more ways that I can be of service while we weather this storm.  If any of you need anything at all please reach out to me. 416-451-6214.

Love you all


Here is the article from Alyssa:

On Sunday, March 15, Washington state issued a mandate for gyms to close to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus. But three days before that, as many fitness facilities remained open, Alyssa Royse made the difficult decision to temporarily (and indefinitely) shutter her gym, Rocket CrossFit in Seattle. It meant that she and her husband-slash-co-owner, Brady Collins, would likely lose weeks’ or even months’ worth of income and possibly have to shut down—but she felt it was the right thing to do.

“We cannot, with a clear conscience, operate a gym right now,” she wrote on the CrossFit box’s blog. “So we closed. Why? Because social-distancing is the only thing that works.”

Read the rest here


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