I’ve been digging deep into the Bean Protocol and trying it out on myself to see if it can help with my adrenal problems and my chronic inflammation.  I’m intrigued to say the least.  I find sometimes when you’ve tried it all, you’re willing to try this one more thing to see if it helps.   I found this protocol by seeing a post by Brittany Angell. She is trying it out to help with her Hashimoto’s. You might be in a similar position, where you’ve tried so many different things to help you get out of pain, help with inflammation, help with hormones, help with fertility, Crohn’s, IBS and nothing has worked.

Karen Hurd is the creator of the protocol.   At first I thought “Beans”?  What in the world.  Beans have been vilified for years, especially by the Paleo community and then by the Lectins scare. Karen has a pretty incredible track record though and holds a Masters Degree in Bio Chemistry, so might know a bit about how the body works.  I’ve read everything I could online and listened to a number of podcasts.

She has helped many people heal themselves from a myriad of ailments.  Crohns seems to be the one she’s most famous for though.   Here is a little more:

The Bean diet isn’t actually a diet, it’s a protocol developed by Karen Hurd that helps the liver detox and heal from a range of ailments, including infertility, inflammation, digestive issues, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more.

It consists of eating soup beans and/or lentils 3-6x a day for a minimum of three months and much longer for people with long-term illnesses and diseases.

read more here

Here is a list of her podcasts

I’m in an interesting position because I have experimented on myself for years nutritionally speaking and have seeked out help from professionals as well.  Not much has worked long term. I did Paleo and the Zone.  I did Keto as well – which by the way worked well for about 6 months.  After that I started gaining weight and started getting very tired during the day.  It got  to the point that I was having to nap at 2 pm almost every day.  I just could not stay awake.  When I got my bloodwork done, my liver and kidneys were both low functioning after doing Keto for a year or so.  If that was not a sign, I don’t know what is..

Keto and menopause or perimenopause do not mix.   What I found out subsequently through a bunch of research is that Keto is really hard on your thyroid and your adrenals as it puts your body under a ton of stress.   Off I went to see a naturopath who determined that  I needed to go on AIP ( Auto Immune Protocol).  I did it diligently but nothing happened.  Still tired, still cannot lose weight.

I finally decided to go back to my Hormone Doctor.  He put me on testosterone and DHEA to help with my adrenals and hormone imbalance.   He also put me on desiccated thyroid.  This concoction helped me get to the point where I wasn’t napping but still could not lose weight.  It is so frustrating to eat 1600 calories a day and nothing…

I recently decided that I didn’t want to put this stuff in my body anymore. I actually went off the thyroid meds in December and the rest this summer.

From the time I was seeing the Naturopath and then the hormone doctor, I was suffering from inflammation.  The way my inflammation works is that my skin hurts.  Like I have a fever and I’m sick.  It is very unpleasant and well, painful. Even with AIP and then the meds it was not getting better. It was particularly worse if I worked a lot of hours.  I was so frustrated.   I’ve had this pain on and off for about 1.5 years. Pain does not allow you to function optimally.   This past May the skin pain went away ( hint: I wasn’t working as much…) but now it’s back on and off.  Yesterday was pretty bad and I woke up in pain too.   I still struggle losing any weight, so I thought hey, why not try this.  I’ve tried everything else!

Juli Bauer who has been a supporter of the Paleo diet for years has done the bean Protocol for 3 months – she was primarily doing it to regulate her hormones and to help with cystic acne caused by hormones.  read her story here.

It’s pretty straight forward in many ways and already things I’ve been doing for years.


  • No caffeine (chocolate, No cinnamon, and kombucha too)

  • No sugar or fruit

  • No dairy

  • 6-8 half cups of legumes a day (every two hours) *** don’t eat any fat with it or around it, or the soluble fiber will bind to fats rather than liver bile***

  • Cup and a half salted nuts a day (wait one hour and a half after eating beans and one hour after nuts to have beans again) – I don’t really eat a ton of nuts, but will throw some into salads, my smoothies or just have as a snack.

  • No bacon, sausage, no fatty meats

  • No coconut oil – I’m not sure I agree with this one as I think it’s better than almond milk.

  • No soy

  • No supplements – I’m still going to have VitB complex, VIT C, Magnesium and Iron.

  • No formal exercise program: well that’s not going to fly, is it?  I will continue doing CF 4 days  week, but might just take it easier…

  • palm size protein at each meal (egg, fish, lean steak, no dark meat) – I don’t eat red meat, so will have to add chicken.

  • 3 serving sizes of veggies (1/2 c each.)

  • 2 to 3 litre of water – Room temp water or warmer (cold water releases hormones to warm you back up)

  • 56 hours of rest a week

  • can have condiments as long as less than 5g of sugar serving


I’m at the point where I’m willing to try anything to help me get out of pain, inflammation and get my hormones and adrenals working properly.  I’m willing to give this a try!   If you find yourself in a similar position, why don’t you join me?




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