It was a year ago this Wednesday that all of Canada shut down. I think many of us didn’t think it would happen but it did. Now here we are, 1 year later.

Those first few weeks last year were such a scramble. Zoom was now a thing. We were lending out equipment, figuring out workouts and how to coach on Zoom. The first few weeks were hectic and I think everyone just felt completely out of sorts. Shopping became a sport. Everyone started cooking and baking. I don’t know about you, but although I love cooking and baking, the pandemic made it into a chore rather than a pleasure.

Last year we were locked down for 111 days during the first lockdown. We were locked down again on december 26th. All together we were shut down for 117 days last year.

In 2021, we were shut down for 46 days. We were very lucky that we were one of the first Crossfit Boxes in the GTA, as our longevity also proved to be our survival. We saw so many newer Crossfit Boxes and small gyms close over the past year in Canada and the world. Gyms were hit hard. Some of our friends in different areas of Ontario were closed for much longer. Some are still closed.

We are very grateful for our community to have stuck with us during the pandemic. We are also happy to see so many of you returning to our physical location. Things have changed so much, but you have adapted well and continue to put your health first. We are all definitely different than we were last year. Some of us may look a little different too.

This is the year that our community realized that working out is not only for our physical well being but also a huge part of our mental well being. I think moving, although apart, saved us this year.

As more and more of you get your vaccines, we hope to see more of you returning. Our doors will also be open to you.

As a business owner and your coach, it has meant the world to me to see you again in real life. Seeing you has made the difference for my mental health. Being able to coach you and see your achievements big and small is incredibly rewarding. I don’t think you know how much pride and happiness you give me on a daily basis. So thank you for showing up, for working hard and for keeping it fun.



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