I love Dr. Valter Longo. I think he’s a brilliant scientist and have read him extensively as well as listened to his podcasts. He is now sharing a new study that I think you will all appreciate.

None of us are surprised by this and I’m sure it pertains to men as well. This is why we do what we do. Stay strong and healthy.

From Dr: Longo:

Many believe that when you reach a “certain” age it is necessary to decrease physical activity, especially if it involves heavy or demanding exercises, in order to avoid negative health consequences. Science, on the other hand, shows that physical activity is in fact what can extend the life expectancy of women over 70. This was shown by an American survey published in Circulation in January 2018. 

This analysis was included in The Women’s Healthy Study that was approved by the IRB of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the Longwood Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. It was carried out by a group of researchers who followed over 18,000 women 72 years old on average from 2011 to 2015. During the study period, the intensity and duration of physical activity was measured via a triaxial accelerometer that was given to participants. The device was sent to the research center for data analysis and then crossed with medical records, including death certificates, and the National Death Index, and compared with life expectancy. The study examined how women over the age of 70 who practice moderate to intense physical activity live longer than their sedentary counterparts or those who simply walk/do low intensity exercises. In fact, the mortality rate reduced by 60-70%. 

The experts recommend approaching physical activity gradually and consistently, even and especially in old age. The international guidelines indicate 2.5 hours of physical activity per week divided into two days per week. Simply exercising one day isn’t enough to improve performance. The intensity of training must increase gradually, and be combined with body weight exercises and weight-lifting. If you are not experienced enough when you start, it is better to get help from a personal trainer, as well as have your doctor’s approval, especially if you suffer from certain diseases.

more on his site

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