When Emily Beers reached out to see if we had a story of transformation, I knew just to the person that would fit that description. I’m so glad that Emily decided to feature our Lori. We are all so proud of you Lori! You’ve always been the kindest most generous athlete and friend and now your determination has allowed you to reach your goals. You are an inspiration to us all.

We love you!

XO Marta

the Article:

Lori Brozovich struggled with her weight for years. She wanted to lose weight, wanted to “get skinny,” she explained, but nothing seemed to work. And when she joined CrossFit Pickering in Ontario in January 2014, she thought she could eat more now that she was working out. 

  • “I was obese and really thought CrossFit alone would take the weight off. I had a real problem with food, I realized,” said Brozovich, now 52, who weighed 242 pounds at five-foot-five. 

A new goal: The more involved in CrossFit Brozovich became, the more she started to become interested in learning gymnastics movements, like pull-ups, handstands and toes-to-bar. 

  • “They were all things that were out of my reach because of my weight,” Brozovich said. “But I found myself getting really motivated to be able to do those movements. That was a huge motivator for me to lose weight. It wasn’t just about getting skinny anymore.”
  • She added: “Now I wanted to feel strong, to be strong, to be able to do these skills, to keep up with other people.” This greater purpose lit a fire inside her to change her diet, she explained.

Read the rest here!

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