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How CrossFit Changed Our Relationship with Food: Five Women Tell their Stories

From providing a healthier coping mechanism than eating, to changing the way we view the purpose of food, to helping us take responsibility for our own lives, CrossFit can be a powerful tool in changing our relationship with food for the better.

These are the stories of five individuals who have used CrossFit to do just that, and have regained their health in the process.

Holly Krell: From Restriction to Embracing Food

Holly Krell’s relationship with food was “always a struggle,” she said.

Growing up in a low income household, there wasn’t wasn’t much food available, and she watched her parents attempt various diets.

“I was always heavy and my weight dominated how I felt about myself during my formative years,” Krell said.

As she reached adulthood, just like her parents, Krell, started dabbling with various restrictive diets. 

“Early in college, I found a lot of success with the Adkins diet, but like most restrictive diets, when I stopped, I gained all the weight back, plus some,” she said. “I really thought the key to success was limiting certain foods for the rest of my life. If I wasn’t following that guideline, I was failing myself.”

Then she found CrossFit in June, 2014, after finishing college. Immediately, Krell started to see how food was necessary fuel, not just for getting through the workouts, but for everyday life. 

“CrossFit helped open my eyes to realizing that there is so much more to the picture. I was able to see that I was more than the number on the scale and my body was more than what I saw in the mirror. The empowerment I felt doing things I never thought I was capable of helped turn off the voices in my head that said I’m not good enough,” said Krell, who trains at Train Harder CrossFit in Odessa,FL.

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