I found this article fascinating. Let’s be honest, over the past 2 years most of us drank more than in the past. If you’ve ever wanted to cut down or cut out Alcohol completely, it is sometimes difficult.

There are not very many resources out there for people who want to cut down on drinking or stop all together. There are really 2 choices, AA or rehab. Most people are not at that stage but would like some help in drinking less. They have free resources here, as well as a book and a Free APP.

If this is you read on…

Holly Whitaker, author of the 2019 New York Times best seller Quit Like a Woman, compares the moment she realized that a life without alcohol was possible to entering the Matrix. Whitaker has never been comfortable with the term alcoholic and didn’t necessarily drink to the extent we imagine many alcoholics do. She drank a lot — sometimes more than a bottle of wine a night* — but not enough, she thought, that it was a problem. Sure, she needed to learn how to moderate, but she wasn’t the sort of person for whom abstinence was necessary. “I really never loved alcohol,” she tells me, but “it didn’t even occur to me that I could quit drinking. I just had to control it better.”

If, in reading this now, you decide your drinking isn’t a problem because you drink less than a bottle of wine a night, Whitaker has your number; she did this too. As long as someone, somewhere, was drinking more than she was, Whitaker writes, she could count herself among the normal drinkers. But when she chose to stop, she decided there was no such thing as “normal” drinking. Friends and acquaintances were disappointed and oddly defensive. “I’m not an alcoholic,” writes Whitaker of reactions to that first attempt at sobriety. “I am someone who has broken our social contract.”

Read the rest here. It’s long, but well worth it.

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