We have a really great time each year during the Crossfit Open. Every Friday night for 3 weeks, we have a mini competition. Don’t worry you can also do the workouts all day long in each class. You will be participating anyway, so why not sign up and see how you stack up? If you’ve never done, chat with someone who has, they can tell you that it brings out the community feeling and the camaraderie that is the foundation of CFP! read on…

And just like that, the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games Open is knocking on your door! In just six short weeks, CrossFit will announce the first workout of this annual competition and beloved community tradition. And whether you consider yourself a CrossFit newbie, competitor, enthusiast, fan, or community supporter, the Open is for you

That’s because the Open takes on a special and unique meaning for each person who signs up. For some, the Open brings to life the why behind our daily commitment to CrossFit. Many of us came to CrossFit because we wanted more for our health and fitness, and the Open provides us with a way to stay accountable to this effort. For others, it’s a way to connect and celebrate with other CrossFit athletes within their affiliate and in other cities around the world.

While the workouts get a good effort out of everyone, for many, the motivation to participate comes from the camaraderie and support that wafts through affiliates and the worldwide community during this time of year. The shared suffering reminds us we are part of something much bigger than our individual efforts: We are part of a community that believes in the truth that CrossFit makes us — and the world — better. 

For some, the Open serves as an outlet to pursue various competitive aspirations. Whether you found your athletic calling because of CrossFit or yearn for the days before you hung up your uniform, the Open fills a competitive void for many. And for a small few within the CrossFit community, the CrossFit Open serves as the first stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games, the highest level of competition in the Sport of Fitness (we’re talking .10% of Open participants or 1/10th of a percent). 

Perhaps that’s the beauty of the Open — independent of fitness level, the Open brings us together to pursue something that would not hold the same meaning or possibilities if we were just working out on our own. 

And one thing is certain: The Open is something you don’t want to miss. Don’t believe us? Let us walk you through the ins and outs of this three-week competition while addressing some common questions so you can decide for yourself. Let’s go!

read more here and SIGN UP!

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