On September 22nd we will be offering a 4 week course in Animal Flow. It will run on thursdays at 6:30 PM. Spots are very limited so book now before they’re all gone! Registration closes on Monday, Sept 19th.

To register: https://j2nfitness.as.me/beginner-animal-flow-sept22

What is Animal Flow? More info here

Move, stretch, strengthen, flow… and have fun!

Animal Flow® is a unique bodyweight training methodology designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. 

Instructor Jenn‘s 4-week program is designed for individuals new to Animal Flow. Each 60-minute class will introduce and build on key elements of Animal Flow, and participants will have the opportunity to learn simple choreographed flows as a group throughout.

BONUS! Participants receive one-month free access to J2N’s on-demand platform with additional Animal Flow and bodyweight tutorials and sessions upon program completion.

At the end of 4-weeks expect to feel your body moving with improved strength, mobility and control… and have a new set of movements to add to your training toolbox!

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