How did Tom and I hear about CrossFit? In April of 2008, my friend Patrick sent me video of guys training for the “300” movie. We thought it looked awesome and promptly did the Workout of the Day (WOD).  It was LOVE. It was humbling.  We both thought we were quite fit but the first workout showed us our discrepancies.  We were both certified that October. Our Cert1 coaches were: Glasman, Nicole, Kstarr and Annie. Nobody had heard about CrossFit at that point and we travelled to Flagstaff for our cert. When Tom and I were looking for a house to buy, we had to make sure it could accommodate my Pilates studio and CrossFit gym. It most definitely wasn’t about granite counter tops! J

Amberlea Road
Amberlea Road

When we moved to Amberlea Road and transformed the basement and double car garage into a gym we did not know that we would end up here, in a 9000 square foot facility with state of the art coaching, powerlifting, olympic lifting, kids classes and mobility training.  I didn’t last at the house/garage for very long and off we went to find a real storefront.

Our first real location was on Bayly near Brock.  We were there for a happy 5 years but we outgrew the space and the parking lot!  My husband was also ready to move his Chiropractic practice in with mine so it was time to merge our businesses and offer our clients so much more!   At our Orangebrook location we have almost 9000 square feet of space that we share, we have change rooms and showers!

Bayly near Brock
Bayly near Brock

Dr. Mackay and Dr.Blair are joined by experiences massage therapists and cranial sacral therapists.

We have grown to 7 wonderful coaches who all have their special talents, passions and skill sets.   I think one thread is common: Their passion and dedication to Crossfit, health, our members’ well being and lifting!





Orangebrook Gym:


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