You are welcome to use these Buttons if you would like to Pay by PayPal.  if you would like to pay in any other way, please contact  We also accept credit cards at the Box, as well as etransfers and cheques.

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A few words about rates: When clients come to us, We are theirs. We believe that the growth they achieve in our classes transcends working out and spills over into their lives to make them achieve more and excel in all arenas of life.  We try to keep up with the demands of our clients and believe in growing continuously.

Our group classes are very intimate.  We believe in paying attention to each person to ensure that they are performing each skill well and coach them along the way.

We  have found through ours years of coaching and teaching that it’s almost like a private training class, but way cheaper.  We pay close attention to each client and many of our clients are glad when I turn my attention to others in the group. 😉

We don’t want the clients who are happy with substandard training at bargain basement prices.

We want the ones who are dedicated to their personal growth and know what they are paying for.

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