Kelly, Helen, Kelly

1 round of Kelly: Run 400 meters 30 box jump, 24/20 30 Wall ball shots, 20/14 2 round of Helen: 400 Meter Run 21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 12 Pull-ups 1 round of Kelly Cash Out 2x 10 Banded KB Swings 24/16 4 lengths Waiter Walk


the 300

Today we do "the 300"!!! "The 300", while not originally a CrossFit workout, did use the same style of functional training. It was originally used by the stuntmen training with Gym Jones for the 2007 film "300," to help them achieve the "Spartan look." The workout has since been adopted as a popular benchmark workout by CrossFitters and functional … Continue reading the 300

Into the Hole + Beware Cipro and Training

Article: Cipro can cause tendon ruptures A man in the US ruptured both his quad tendons.  It was found that he had been taking the anitbiotic that goes under the name CIPRo.  Here is more info: And this Strength: Clean and Jerk - work up to  a heavy 3. Negatives 3 x 3 WOD: Into … Continue reading Into the Hole + Beware Cipro and Training