Summer Fitness Camp

Ages: 8 to 12 July 14th to July 18 August 11th to August 15th Have you wanted to give your kids a taste of CrossFit for but just couldn't fit it into your family's busy schedule? Or do you just want your child to stay active this summer? Our 2014 weeklong summer day camp is … Continue reading Summer Fitness Camp


FranDi Ladder

FranDi Ladder Diane Ladder 7 min AMRAP 3 Dealift 225/185 3 HSPU 6 DL 6 HSPU ETC... Rest 5 Minutes Fran Ladder  21 Thrustars 75/55 3  Pull Ups 15 Thrusters 95/65 9 Pull Ups 9 Thrusters 115/80 15 Pull Ups 3 Thrusters 135.95 21 Pull Ups

Double WOD

Strength: Romanian Deadlift 2x10 @ 50% 1 Rm Deadlift 5x3 upto 90% 1Rm ​WOD A. 100 Push Ups for time Everytime you pause do 10 Jumping Squats B. 3 Rounds 10 KB Swings 16/12 5 Kb Snatch (one arm) 100' Waiters Carry 5 KB Snatch (other arm) 100' Waiters Carry

The Day After…

If you're like me today, you're feeling that competition all over your body lol Here's an article with some recovery tips you can read while you stay indoors during this crazy mid-April ice storm 4 Steps to Efficient Recovery After Crossfit Training When we train we apply stress to the body. The body reacts in … Continue reading The Day After…