Our Introductory Program is made up of 4 Private, Semi Private or small group classes.

4 Private Introductory Classes – $240 Plus HST = $271.20

4 SEMI private Introductory Classes – $280 Plus HST = $316.40

4 Introductory Classes – FULL TIME Student = $200 Plus HST = $226


Once you have completed the 4 Introductory Classes – we will then offer you 2 FREE Group classes and your first month will be discounted to $120 Plus HST – Unlimited classes. 

The program is designed to bring you up to speed on the foundations of CrossFit: the form and technique of our movements, philosophy behind the CrossFit Program, and Nutrition Strategies we use to get incredible results.

During these intro sessions your coaches will up the intensity based on your ability, and assess your movements to create a personalized mobility program to improve your flexibility, performance, and safety.

Our clients choose the Private or Semi Private Introductory classes when their schedule does not allow them to take part in our Bootcamp.  It is also ideal for our clients who prefer the one on one attention that a private class provides.

After you successfully complete this program, you can continue on with whichever membership best suits your needs.   You may join our group classes or continue with private training. 


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