Mobility & Stability Assessment + Programming with Glen YoungDSC_0095

Join us in a quest to unwind the effects of time. Our goal is to move better this year, than last year.

To that end, Glen will put you through a one hour Mobility & Stability Assessment to determine how well you are moving and where you need to improve in order to increase efficiency and reduce your chance of injury.

Following the Assessment, Glen will develop an individualised program based on the latest mobility and stability strategies which you can implement to move better. In a second, one hour follow-up session, you will be educated on your program and provided with all of the knowledge and materials necessary to ensure that you are able to complete it on your own time in your journey to moving better.


Cost: Two hour Mobility/Stability Assessment & individualised program to compliment your current exercise program – $110 + tax

To book your Assessment or to find more information, contact Glen Young at the following:

Mobile: 416-209-9196


Call now to begin your quest to better health!