be strong and fit at any age!

Are you over 60 and looking for a way to be strong and fit!  dsc_0142
We understand that when we get older we require different things than a 20 year old athlete. We have designed a program especially suited to those over 60.  Over 70? Fantastic!
14 reasons why you should come out to our bootcamp:

  1. Be part of friendly and supportive community
  2. workouts geared for over 60
  3. DO MORE!
  4. Improve Bone Density and MUSCLE MASS!
  5. Develop a can do attitude!
  6. Use stairs with ease
  7. Pick up items off the floor ( heavy or not)
  8. Get up off the floor easily!
  9. Get in and out of cars safely
  10. Over 60 athlete? Improve your game!
  11. Stumble/Trip less
  12. Increase Mobility
  13. Have more confidence in every day tasks
  14. Enjoy Life MORE!

Monthly twice a week classes =  $110 plus HST = $124.30

The classes will run Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30 PM.

Call for more details!  416-451-6214!

or email: