Intro to Pose Running
Clinic Details:
Time: 1:30 to 3:30 pm
Cost: $20 – cash or cheque only as credit/debit are not available
Location: Crossfit Pickering
Pose Running: Efficient, injury-free running taught through poses. The Pose Method of Running technique will prevent injuries and dramatically improve your running performance.

The Intro to Pose Running Clinic  will include the following:
1 – Video analysis of current running technique for all participants
2 – Presentation on what Pose Running is and the benefits
3 – Skills and Drills to improve running technique
4 – After video analysis to see how participant’s technique has improved from the beginning of the session

Running Foundations with Glen Young20150713_201839

  • Running Foundations teaches the skill of running using the Pose Running technique.
  • You will learn the proper warm-up, dynamic drills, and running mechanics to avoid injury.
  • We will give you in-depth knowledge and training methods to develop your speed, endurance, and efficiency to become a better athlete.
  • The Running Foundation program includes workouts designed to develop a more robust and efficient aerobic energy system to improve resistance to fatigue as a runner at any distance.