aka Superman has been with us for almost 4 years.  I still remember his first workout. He came to us pretty fit but the workout “the 12 days of Christmas” almost destroyed him. He was hooked after that!

What keeps you coming back to Crossfit?

I believe it’s mainly the challenge. I’m a fairly competitive person by nature and have always looked to improve myself. It had been years since I had the avenue to challenge myself, and Crossfit gives me that with every workout we do. I look to set challenging goals and I know with every workout I will achieve them.

How have you changed by doing CrossFit?

Aside from getting stronger and being fitter, it has helped me a lot with physical problems like back issues I’ve had most of my life. Also reoccurring elbow and shoulder issues. It helped me take notice of mobility and movement issues I had. Helped me to understand what I was doing wrong and how to fix it.    Thank you to Marta, Tom, the coaches, and all those at Crossfit Pickering.

Jeff Testimonial