Kerri trained with us while studying to become a paramedic.   CrossFit Pickering helped her become strong enough to fulfill her dreams.  Kerri has been with us for 5 years and just keeps getting stronger!

What keeps you coming back to Crossfit?

  • The amazing coaches and all the amazing athletes I’ve met and regularly work out with!
  • The WODs- pushing myself and attaining my personal goals
  • The feeling I get after I’ve completed a WOD. I am a morning class kind of girl, I find it sets my whole day when I start with a little (sometimes BIG) push first thing in the morning.

How have you changed doing Crossfit Kerri?

My strength for one has increased substantially! As well my attitude, I’m not just doing a movement to get it done, I’m doing in to better myself from the previous time I did it, whether that is better form or increasing the weight. Things don’t happen overnight, they take dedication and perseverance. Crossfit has made me realize my capabilities as well as my limitation and I’m constantly working on pushing myself even further and proving to myself that a hard work pays off!

kerri testimonial