8 Week FAT LOSS Bootcamp start date for March!

3 days a week for 8 weeks = 24 1 hour classes = $200 plus HST ( special price!)  BUY NOW!

High school and University students – $160 plus HST! ( SPECIAL PRICE!)

Monday March 6th – 7 AM, Noon, 6:30 PM ( SOLD OUT) AND 7:30 PM

Todays WOD:

Brock’s gone bad…. - Well the first open workout has just about been completed by all of our athletes and what a doozy it was. There is nothing quite like an ascending ladder couplet to test your metal. For those of you who still haven’t completed it yet, today is the last day to get it done!!! For the … Continue reading Brock’s gone bad….

We Have an Updated Schedule Posted for 2017!

There have been a couple of changes to our schedule starting this week:

  • We have added Open gym times on Sundays
  • THURSDAYS evening group classes are now 4:30, 5:30 and 7:30 pm!!!!

What is Crossfit? The Italian Answer:


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