Some of our members choose to have one on one classes rather than joining our group clasIMG_3681ses.   For some it’s their schedule, for others it could be injuries or special populations.  At CrossFit Pickering you have an option of joining group classes or private instruction.

Benefits of Personal training:

  • Each class tailored to YOU
    Work on skills. Where are you struggling? Is it the Clean? The Muscle up?
    Meet your GOALS!
    Work on mobility, injury prevention, rehab
    Flexible schedule – 6 am? 2 pm? 9 pm? Weekends?
    Do it with your partner or child
    Have one on one attention to help you achieve your goals faster
    Perfect for Beginners
    Ideal for Elite athletes wanting to finesse their movements and get an edge on the competition
    Meet your FAT loss goals with more nutritional instruction
    YOU CAN book 1 class per month to work on skills or do 1 every week – up to you!


1 class – $80

5 classes – $375

10 classes – $700

20 classes – $1300

( each private class is one hour)