I found that doing the HUNGER GAMES extra wods gave people who wanted extra work the ability to do so without having to think about it.  Weekly, I will post ACCESSORY work to be done during the week.   You choose the days.  I have divided it into 7 days. You  might not be able to do 7 days in  one week, pick your weaknesses and go at em.

I have divided it into 3 sections:  Gymnastic, Strength, Endurance/speed/cardio.

I know some of you have come to me wanting extra work to get better at: HSPUs, Pull ups, strength, speed, endurance, stamina, cardio.  Well here you go!  Enjoy!

Your input is important to me.  If there are ways that we can make these even better, please let me know. XO Marta


Painstorm XII

For Time
400 meter Run
50 Back Squats
50 Front Squats
50 Overhead Squats
400 meter Run
50 Shoulder Presses
50 Push Presses
50 Push Jerks
400 meter Run
50 Hang Power Cleans
50 Hang Power Snatches
400 meter Run

aka: “Olympic Bar Mile.” Perform all barbell movements with the bar only (45/35 lbs). Perform the run without the bar.

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