Article: I did Crossfit for one whole year and am here to bust your misconceptions

Crossfit gets a bad rap. Sure, some approach it as a pain-inducing workout meant to strip you down until you have nothing left to give. But to others it’s simply a great way of keeping a balanced body and mind.

In fact, I think there are three types of Crossfitters: the professional, do-this-as-a-job type Crossfitter who takes part in the multi-day extravaganza know as The Crossfit Games, the take-this-super-seriously everyday type Crossfitter, and the ones who do it to just get an amazing workout in just under an hour…[read more…]

7 Rounds
8 OH Squat 115/85
9 Front Squat
10 Back Squat
50 DUs

Cash Out:
2x 25 GHD Hip Ext
2x 30 Teapots

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