this is fast and super fun!  I know this week has been a toughie but we wanted to get hit the ground running with some volume and fun after the OPEN. Remember don’t over train. If you are tired, take the day off and do some mobility.

Bergeron 300 – time cap 30 minutes

10 Rounds For Time:⠀⠀
5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups – Do ring rows as a scale
10 X Dumbbell Movements* (50/35)⠀⠀
15 GHD Sit-ups⠀ – Atomic Sit ups as an alternative⠀

*Dumbbell Movements:⠀⠀
Rd 1: DB Push Press⠀⠀
Rd 2: DB Burpees – funky!⠀⠀
Rd 3: DB Power Cleans ⠀⠀
Rd 4: DB Bench Press
Rd 5: DB Lunge⠀⠀
Rd 6: DB Front Squat⠀⠀
Rd 7: DB Bent Over Rows – do 1 arm at a time resting knee on bench⠀⠀
Rd 8: DB Snatch – 1 arm snatch
Rd 9: DB Deadlifts⠀⠀
Rd 10: DB Thrusters⠀

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