Ryan is one of the nicest and most hardworking athletes we have. One of the things we love most about Ryan is his sense of humour. Wait until you’re in a class with him!  The entire Napao family is fantastic and we love having Marcus in our teen classes.  Ryan is a huge Raptor’s fan and might be a little bit excited right now!  Did you know he might also have a bit of a shoe addiction.  tiny, tiny addiction… 😉  He’s also extremely strong and generous to our community.  thank you Ryan, we love you! Marta

My name is Ryan Napao, and I have been crossfitting for about 4.5 years. What started years and years ago, at local mom and pop gyms, then big box gyms (e.g. Extreme Fitness, Good Life) eventually brought me to my second home for the last 2.5 years, CF Pickering.

Approximately 6 years ago, I was doing the daily grind at Good Life in the early AM about 4-5 times a week. I was getting in better shape, but this was not very fulfilling. I then tried boxing for about 6 months at Sully’s Gym in Toronto. This was a good workout but the location and venue was not very good. I then found a groupon for CrossFit in a place in Scarborough. I tried that and was hooked. After a couple of years at this box, they closed down and I was forced to look for a new one. That is when I found Marta. She took me into CFP with open arms and literally “forced” me to enter the CF games that year lol. I participated in the games the year before but I was coming back from a car accident and wasn’t sure I was 100% ready. No better way to find out I guess. Coming back after a few months off is what pushed me to perform the most. During those first couple of months in 2017 during the games, is what really pushed me to get off my ass and work. Did I mention how great Marta is?

What keeps me coming back to CFP are the people and coaches. I always listen to what the coaches have to say and try to implement their suggestions. It’s not always easy when you are used to doing movements incorrectly or inefficiently. I try to be coachable. I know everyone has said this before in these things, but it’s honestly all of you that inspire me to keep coming back. It’s seeing you guys hitting PR’s, lifting things over your head when you thought you couldn’t, getting a Toe to bar or pull up. That’s what motivates me as I remember not being able to do these things a few years ago myself.

My goal every year is no different in 2018. It is to get that elusive muscle up. This is my Moby Dick. I feel comfortable with a bar, and think I can do all the Olympic lifts. When it comes to gymnastics, this is one of the areas where I would like to improve on. That along with rope climbs and pistol squats but the muscle up would be my pinnacle of success. For any newbies that are reading this, it’s going to take some time to get used to the flow of things, but if you are committed, you are in for an unforgettable ride.

I like WOD’s that you only get to do once a year. WODs like Murphy on Memorial Day, 12 Days of Christmas at Christmas, PI day WOD on March 14, etc. These WOD’s are always challenging and you have a year to think how you can improve on that WOD. The WOD that I don’t look forward to is the Jesus WOD on Good Friday. Extremely tough and challenging.

As far as what people don’t know about me?? I’m a Scorpio, I like disco dancing and karaoke. No but seriously, I am a fun loving person who likes challenges and appreciates hitting milestones. I strive to be well rounded with lifting, gymnastics and cardio vascular movements but I can only take so much cardio lol. Some of you do know I like to drop rhymes while we WOD, especially old school hip hop. So if we haven’t worked out together yet, let’s do so and drop a verse.

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