Ski Erg – Butterfly Arms are a NO-NO!

Some of you may be skiing with poor form. The biggest thing to avoid is the butterfly arms coming up.  I know you’ve seen some crossfitters do this but it’s dangerous to your shoulders.  YOU will get an injury doing it that way.

If you watch any instructional video on using the Ski-Erg, the arms will always come back in line with the body.  I’m noticing the Ski Erg has yellow markings all over the uprights.  That means that some of you are doing the butterfly on the way up and hitting the erg.  You also might be standing too close.

Please watch this video for proper technique:

Strength: 12 min to establish a Heavy Single Cluster

3 rounds for time of:
20 PUsh Press 75/55
30 GHD sit-ups
Followed Immediately by
2 rounds for time of:
21 back extensions
21 Burpees

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