There are a number of things that you can do minimize your risk of injury.  Sometimes accident do happen, but you can do lots to protect yourself.  Remember it’s about longevity and health, not as much about doing every WOD RX

1 – Mobilize – I find that as I get older I need to mobilize before a workout. I stretch now before I do a workout. Especially my hips and my shoulders.

2 – Warm up – get your heart pumping, get those muscles nice and warm

3 – Make sure you’re working on areas of your posture that need are not aligned. Are your shoulders slumped forward? Head forward?  do you slouch? Do you have weakness in your posterior chain?  Are you dominant in one area? Are you tight in any area, but weak in the opposite areas?  If any of these things are true, please work on postural realignment. I can help you with that.  talk to me at the box.

4 – HYDRATE!!!!  I can’t stress that enough.  If you’re dehydrated you are more prone to injury

5 – Get enough sleep – Minimum 7 hours.

6 – After a workout – stretch.  I usually try to do a hot tub or a heating pad at night before bed

7 – Magnesium – I find that I need magnesium when I work out. It loosens my muscles and helps me sleep.  We have some at the box.

8 – learn to move properly. Even if you’ve been doing Crossfit for a while, there is always room for improvement.  If you can’t do a movement safely, step back, lower your weights and change the movement.

9 – Listen to your coach.  We are here to help you move safely.  We don’t cue or correct to be pains, but to keep you out of trouble.

10 – If you’re not having a good day – assess how you’re feeling,  lower your weights, do less, and modify as needed.  If I’m tired and just not feeling it, I will still do a workout, but I do it just to move, not to set any records.

Stay healthy my friends!

XO Marta

Box squat

4 x 5 – increase weight only if person can maintain vertical shins.

really focus on a tight core. Pause on box for 2 counts.

DB Snatches (50/35)
Calorie BIke
…Directly into…
Box Jump Over (24/20)
DB Push Press 50/35

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