While Allan recuperates from his shoulder surgery I thought i would share his thoughts from last year with us.  I can’t believe he started in 2015.  So much has changed since then.  Suzanne is now part of our gang and doing so well.  Allan’s kids are all grown up now and once in a while decide to drop by.
We miss you Allan – Heal well and if you need anything you know where we are.  XOXOX Marta
1)What brought you to CrossFit Pickering?
A few years previous, I had changed my lifestyle; stopped smoking, lost weight and began “working out”.  After about a year, I reached a plateau. I knew how to run on treadmills but had never really done weights.  I knew I needed something with coaching. I had heard of CrossFit and I decided to try it. When I started to inquire around, friends of friends’ recommendations brought me to CrossFit Pickering.

2)How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Since October 1, 2015.

3)What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?
Endorphins.  That is not a joke.  There is no better high than having completed a particularly hard workout (and they are all hard) and feeling that burn in your quads, glutes and shoulders.   If I am having a crappy day, I come to CrossFit and get my shot of endorphins, even if the WOD beats me into the ground, I know a couple of hours later I will have this awesome high, and I will be back the next day to take another beating.

4) When were you pushed to perform the most?
Forgive me WOD God for I have sinned, I have a competitive streak, I try to leave my ego at the door but it sneaks in behind me.  More times than I want to admit, I have chased people; taken shorter breaks, lifted a couple more pounds, done a few more reps.  The competition I create in my head makes me push myself that little bit extra, especially when I fall that little bit short.
5) What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Pickering

Easy. Coaching and Community.  I so often hear people say “You get hurt doing CrossFit.”  My response is always “it has to do with coaching.”  At CrossFit Pickering I know the coaches are going to stop you from hurting yourself (and god knows, I have tried hard). They are always there to give you helpful tips and encouragement. I think there is no better testament than the fact that our kids attend CrossFit Pickering.  We send them knowing they are in good hands and are not going to get hurt.

The CrossFit Pickering  community is so great (you could toss the word family out at this point).  I can honestly say that I have not met one person at the box I don’t like.  People are supportive and fun to be around.  There is no split between the different levels of ability.  Someone once remarked to me, “This is my happy place.”  I thought, “Isn’t this everyone’s happy place?”

6) What are your goals for 2017?
Glen once told me “just be better than last year.”  I have tried to make that my motto. But hell, I would love to get double-unders and kipping pullups. ( I think Allan now has Double Unders and was working on his kipping – once he’s all better, we will tackle getting stronger for those pull ups again – Marta)
7) Words of advice/inspiration for newbies/everyone
When I see new people struggling, I always want to say: “No matter how much you are struggling, know we were all once where you are, so don’t get discouraged.”

8) How have you changed by doing CrossFit?

I have lacrosse balls on my bedside table and don’t actually play lacrosse.  But seriously, I have felt the best I have ever felt in about 30 years.  It has become a lifestyle;  my entire family comes; my wife is unstoppable, we eat healthier, workouts are a must to be scheduled into our week,  “the WOD” is a dinner table topic (while we pour the kool-aid).

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