I have been using truLOCAL for the past year and love the quality of their meats.  The Chicken, the steaks, scallops etc are super delicious!   I haven’t bought meat from anywhere else in the past year….  You will also find brochures at the box.

I’m excited to share that we have partnered with truLOCAL to create something special for you, our CrossFit Pickering community. We know that many of you value the quality of food you put into your body to help support all of the hard work you put into the gym, which is why we thought this would be an amazing fit!

truLocal offers customizable meat plans that deliver the highest quality products all sourced locally here in Ontario. With over 80 products available, there’s something for everyone! The bonus? They deliver it right to your doorstep. The extra bonus? You get to support local business. As a small, local business, we love that!

So, what’s the deal?    Between September 1stand September 30th, if you order a regular sized box with truLOCAL, you will receive 8 FREE CHICKEN BREASTS in your box…. FOR LIFE (4 per small box).  Yep… once you sign up for this deal, you will get it every time you order.  You can pause and reschedule deliveries at any time, and the deal will still remain.  No commitment necessary!  Even if you are a current subscriber you can get the deal!

Make sure to use our promo code PICKERINGNUTRITION at check-out on 

This deal expires on September 30thso don’t wait to try out your first box!  To learn more about truLOCAL and their products be sure to check them out online or if you have any questions in the meantime, please e-mail Mitch (

What is truLOCAL?

truLOCAL is a direct to home premium meat delivery service.  They focus on delivering the highest quality meat products all coming from local sources here in Ontario.  They also offer some amazing wild caught fish.  There’s something for everyone with over 80 products to choose from.

How does it work?

truLOCAL has two different box sizes, the small for $125 and the regular for $249 (it will always be $125 or $249, no additional shipping or tax on top of that) —
You can fully customize the contents! It’s all based off of a points system, so the small has 9 points to play with and the regular has 20.
Each cut is worth a certain point value on the website and you can fill it up to the total points in the box.  If you click “Learn More” on each product—it will give you a better idea of the description, weight, any ingredients, etc.
You can choose your frequency to suit your lifestyle and are able to pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time as well as edit the contents of your box for each order.

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