A Short Note From Our Very Own “Friday Night Lights” Crossfit Open Director: Mark Willis

17.5 is a repeat…
17.5 Theme is SuperHeroes with a Twist.
17.5 is SuperHeroes, Heroes and Villains…

Thats right…no longer are you locked into being Wonder Woman, Captain America, or Superman..now you can be

Lex Luther, The Joker, Dr.Evil, Donald Trump, The Wicked Witch, Gozer the Gozerian, Joan Crawford, – any BADDIE you want to be!

Way more fun than being a GOODIE!

SO, therefore…there has to be a bonus…YES I SAID BONUS!

1 Point for showing up as a Hero or a Villain. No points for showing up in regular attire, pyjamas, or St. Patricks gear!

and a Double Secret BONUS…

1 Additional Point will be awarded to the team for EVERY Team Member who shows up at GRIZZLIES following the 17.5 WOD.

Captains, you don’t count in your team totals…Team Members on the Kippers, the Son’s and Dottirs, the AMBAPS, and the Pant PR’s…

1 point each for every one of you who shows up…and has a drink with the BIG TEAM!

Think of it like this…if Mary was a villain, like maybe Nurse Ratchett, who perhaps showed up for a cocktail…2 POINTS BONUS.

I know we’ll  see you there…you all like to lift, weights and beers!

Besides, the peer pressure will be very intense…


30 Back Squat 95/65
800m Assault Bike
25 Back Squat
700m Assault Bike
20 Back Squat
600m Assault Bike
15 Back Squat
500m Assault Bike
20 Back Squat
600m Assault Bike
25 Back Squat
700m Assault Bike
30 Back Squat
800m Assault Bike

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