So, why do they call it “FIGHT GONE BAD

The origin story of “Fight Gone Bad” is now a thing of CrossFit legend. When world-renowned UFC fighter B.J. Penn went to CrossFit founder Greg Glassman looking for a workout that would mimic the trials of a bout in the Octagon, Glassman devised a devastating test: three five-minute rounds containing high- power compound exercises meant to work every muscle in the body and re-create the intensity of a real mixed martial arts battle.

When Penn was lying on the floor trying to catch his breath after the brutal workout, Glassman asked whether the new circuit felt anything like a fight. “It’s like a fight gone bad,” Penn replied, supplying the name for one of CrossFit’s most challenging—and notorious—workouts.

Today we have a great combo of Core Work and a FIGHT GONE BAD style of WOD

Core Conditioning


8 Rounds of each of the

following 20 sec on, 10

seconds rest. Station 1,2,3,4.

GHD Sit-ups – if apparatus not

available ATOMIC S/U

Banded Hollow Holds – Brockified

Good Mornings – 45/35 – for form

OHS – not weighted – bare bar,

or PVC for those not reaching


Start at different stations


Then in a FIGHT GONE BAD format

In the style of Fight Gone Bad 3 rounds one minute each, one

minute rest

Chest to Bar Pullups

Tire Flips

Double Unders

Goblet Squats 24/16



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