Everyone loves a little Curtis P. Well I do anyways, but this time around we’re going to do it with some dumbbells instead of a bar and throw in some sprints to keep it exciting 🙂

But First….


Back Squat x 100 @35% to 45% 1RM in the least amount of sets
​Every time you rack the bar immediately do 5 parallette pushups and 50′ waiter walk each hand 50/35
Rest as needed between sets… Shoot for 30,30,20,20


AMRAP in 16 min
Dumbbell Curtis P
E2MO2M perform 2×50″ Sprints

DB Curtis P.
1 Hang Squat Clean 50/35
1 Lunge Each Leg
1 Push Press

Score is # of CP complexs completed, not reps
WOD starts with the sprints

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