I wanted everyone to be ready for the 5K row. Aren’t you glad I didn’t do 42000 metres?

On thursday this week  the wod will be a 5K row.  Some of you don’t come on thursdays, but I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to get this one done.  This is a big benchmark that is also quite fun. Who am I kidding?  It’s a rite of passage for your butt. 🙂

We have 7 rowers, so we will do heats if need be.  I have something planned if you do have to wait so you’re not just standing around looking pretty.

Strength  – Having done this every 2 weeks for a  few months at the beginning of the year, I was able to increase my 1 RM by 20 pounds.

30 30 20 20

Back squat

Choose your weight wisely. If it’s too heavy it will be too hard. You have to do 30 30 20 20 – not as few sets, but that exactly.

4 RFT:
21 DB Power Snatch (50/35)

18 Cal Row

15 Box Jumps (24/20′′)

12 Wallballs (20/14)

cheerio!  Marta

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