Kinda like the OPEN for Rowing.  I know some of you have signed up… Carol, Tania, Coop, Glen, Mark… Anyone else?    it starts today and goes for 4 weeks.  Workout will be announced this morning on their site.  If you do sign up, you can do the workouts during OPEN gym, or class time as long as we are not using the rowers for the WOD/Bootcamp.

If you haven’t signed up and you love rowing – do it now!

Here is all the juicy info:

  • Athletes must select the appropriate weight division when registering.
  • Workouts are announced on Monday at 10 am (BST) and athletes will have until 9 pm (BST) the Sunday following each performance based workout announcement to complete the workout and submit a score.
  • Competition will last for 4 weeks, there will be 1 workout per week.
  • Once the score submission period has closed, no workouts may be entered. No exceptions
  • Each workout may be completed multiple times during the designated timeframe.
  • Male/female lightweight athletes must be less than or equal to 80/65 kg
  • For distance events the monitor should be set for the prescribed distance/intervals before beginning, and the finish time must include the tenth of a second.
  • For timed events the monitor should be set for prescribed time/intervals and the finish distance recorded.
  • Competitors may use the resistance level/damper setting of their choice.
  • Scores must be taken from the memory function of the monitor.
  • All entry fees are non-refundable once entered.
  • Proof of performance will be required to be eligible for prizes (eg. Photos of the workout summary on the monitor or videos).


Back to our little Book of talent – Tip #11:



Hero WOD: Ship

For Time

9 rounds
7 squat cleans (185 pounds)
8 burpee box jumps (36 inch box)

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