This is so amazing! I just had to share this inspiring story of crossfit and fitness preparedness in real life. The fact that they are training people who will help in saving wild life in Africa makes it extra special.

“When I was made responsible for the anti-poaching unit, I wanted to adopt CrossFit,” said Wes Gold, the Head of Law Enforcement and Anti-Poaching for the Grumeti Fund in the Serengeti in Tanzania, East Africa. “The guys that I work with, my game scouts, are naturally gifted runners, but their upper-body strength was lacking in some respects,” he continued.

Gold’s audio cut in and out as he described his team, probably because he was flying a bush plane over the Grumeti Game Reserve, communicating with ground control as he navigated to his remote destination.

While midflight, Gold shared the story of CrossFit Faru,  a story that brings CrossFit’s training lesson about mechanics, consistency, and intensity into a new context: building a successful CrossFit affiliate.

CrossFit and Anti-Poaching: Mechanics

Wes Gold, a 10-year CrossFit athlete, joined the Grumeti Fund, “a non-profit organization carrying out wildlife conservation and community development work in the western corridor of the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania,” in April of 2016. By the time Gold arrived in the region, poaching had become a major problem as organized groups sought out animals not for food or survival but to trade in highly prized ivory and rhinoceros horn.

Once on the ground, Gold knew he wanted to use CrossFit training to help improve the anti-poaching team’s general physical preparedness, but raising money and finding ways to acquire or make the necessary equipment slowed things down.

read the rest here

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