All kidding aside. that is pretty much the truth.  Having said that, there are a couple of aspects in your life that will impede weight loss:

  • Not enough Sleep – you know who you are!
  • Stress
  • Hormones out of whack.  I know someone who can help with this. talk to me if you think this is you.  Men often don’t think about their hormones. Guess what? You have them too!
  • Thyroid or Adrenals not functioning properly
  • Metal toxicity
  • Iron Deficiency

If all these aspects in your life are good,then the the 1st statement is right. EAT LESS!  However you want to do this is fine. Less calories in= weight loss.

I have mentioned that Tom and I are doing 1 to 2 fasting days per week.  I love it. it’s so easy!  Have breakfast, then nothing until the next breakfast.  Tea and Water are allowed.  Tom did a seminar back in the fall with Brad Pilon.  He is the creator of EAT STOP EAT.  His website is awesome and has a ton of info on fasting.  here is his website:


Backsquat 5 x 2 work up to 90% of max every 3 minutes on the 3 minute mark  ( people can share racks) ( 15 minutes)

Tabata Farmers :20/:10 ( switch between each movment each time) 12 minutes – 24 X

KB C and P – 24/16

Farmers walk 45/25

weighted walking lunge 45/25 in each hand

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