Rowing Programming – By  Coach Mark – rowing enthusiast!

A number of our athletes have indicated that they would like to augment their Crossfit training with a rowing program. For some, this will be new and the focus will initially be about developing form and technique, with an eye to building upon your fitness levels in an efficient manner. For others, who have embraced rowing, lets also work on improving form and efficiency, but also focus on current level of participation to determine good staring points.

Each week I’d be happy to send out three Rowing WODS on the CFP site, that are to be done over and above your current WODs at the box. Consistent with Concept 2’s website I will suggest a short distance high intensity work out, a medium distance work out, and a long distance work out. When you do your workout is up to you, the athlete. If you are looking for an alternate program provides 3 workouts everyday and you can go directly to their site and subscribe to a daily email to get this programming.

Record your results, just like you do when WODDING or lifting. Its important to track progress and I will repeat rowing WODS in order to show you where you are in your program.

RESOURCES is the site to find out how to set your rower up for your workout, and as mentioned above, is offers a complete section of drills, technique, tips, and workouts. It is awesome.

The Crossfit Rowing guru is Shane Farmer. He has a number of resources available on You Tube. Here is one to start you off Most of the videos are 3 to 6 minutes long. He has a pay website as well but none of us really want to spend the extra $150 if we can get most of the information for free.

Here are this weeks workouts. Remember to warm-up as well. Either with a five minute moderate row, skipping, dynamic stretches etc. Don’t start cold.

Medium Workout – Interval training – 3 minutes row, 1 minute rest – 6 cycles. Moderate stroke rate. Try to travel as far in your 6th interval as you do in your first and second. Be consistent.

Long Workout – ¼ marathon – 10, 548.5 metres.   OR   15 minute row, 3 minute recovery – 3 cycles. During your 15 minutes, aim for a stroke rate north of 25 per minute, during 3 minutes of recovery, you are still rowing, but at a 20-22 stroke per minute rate.

Short Workout – Set your rower to measure calories. At the start each minute, for three minutes row as hard as you can for 35 seconds – record your calories. Then take the average of the three rows…for example, 7, 9, 11… your average would be 9 calories. NOW take a five minute break. Get back on your rower. YOUR WOD is an EMOM – 12 minutes. Every minute on the minute row your calories that you established in your three minute warmup, rest in between.


1 rep max split jerk/ push jerk if Split not mastered –  10 minutes

5 rounds:
5 good mornings

10 back rack lunges
10 front squats
10 pull ups
rest 1 minute after each round

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