Good article on the movements to master.  It’s always nice to have more perspectives and be learning, so here you go!

There’s still a lot of ground to cover until the workouts are announced in February and today, I’m going to cover the movements of Competition CrossFit.

The list is long. As the Games, Regionals, the Open and other competitions have evolved, so too have the movements you need to know. Here, I’ll talk about what you need for the Open, some things you might see in the Open, and what it takes to compete at Regionals.

Let’s start with barbell movements. You need not only a high one-rep max for each lift, but you’ve also got to have proficiency with barbell cycling in high rep ranges. Barbell cycling is a key element of competition CrossFit, and something that in many ways defines CrossFit as the unique sport that it is. The barbell movements include everything from basic power lifts (like deadlift and press) and the clean-and-jerk and snatch, as well as movement styles unique to CrossFit, such as thrusters, ground-to-overhead, and shoulder-to-overhead. Plus, there are many variations for these movements—too many to describe here. So you’ve got to be very comfortable with a huge array of barbell moments to do well in the Open or at Regionals. more here

warm up/skill:

EMOM 5 minutes: 3 Power snatch/ 3 squat snatch with just barbell

Front squat – pick a weight that you can do unbroken for each set.
x10 REST 1 MIN.
x15 REST 2 MIN.
x20 REST 3 MIN.

E3MO3M until failure:

20 T2B – Scaled – Knee lifts/V ups/ Roll overs
3 Squat Snatch 105/75
*Add 10 lbs. each round.

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